The Best Way to Start Earning An Additional Income

If you are familiar with the personal finance expert Dave Ramsey, you that that he recommends this interesting way to pay off debt.  First, make a list and begin by paying off the least expensive item first.  You work your tail off to pay it off –FAST!  Then you move on to the next lowest balance.  It doesn’t matter what interest rate you are paying, he wants you to pay off the cheapest debt first.

As someone who has followed the Dave Ramsey plan, I can tell you that this is a smart move.  If you have your calculator out wondering how this makes sense, it’s simple.  It doesn’t make the best mathematical sense–it makes the most psychological sense.

That is where we’re going to start for Click Clack Mom readers who are interested in making additional income.  There are ways to make income, probably a lot of income, with a slow build.  But in my opinion, nothing is more convincing to you psychologically like making your first dollar online.  You know, the kind that you did from your couch, while the house is quiet.

Getting your first job or first assignment takes you out of the possibly endless cycle of gathering information and knowledge–into doing something and getting a return.  The later is much more powerful.

Do I regret spending the past couple of years gathering information and learning everything I could about digital marketing and creating an online business?

Yes (and no.)

After getting excited about so many things, then not seeing them flourish the way I had expected is a little disheartening.  I just didn’t know how I ‘fit in’ to the blogging world and I honestly couldn’t think of anything I wanted to try to sell.  Brainstorm session after session, writing article after article (for multiple sites), I couldn’t justify what I was paying to learn new techniques and strategies.  I started to believe this was *just* a hobby.

See I was a teacher before I had kids and I DON’T WANT TO GO BACK!  My goal was to slowly build up a business so that when the kids were both in school, I could still work from home.  So that’s when I started setting little goals for myself.

My goal was to make a bit of money so that I could prove it to myself that it could be done. Suspending the disbelief of earning income online is extremely important. It’s hard to prove to yourself that something, anything will actually pan out.

If you are looking to make additional income online, my recommendation is to start as a freelancer.  Now my goal is to move to a more passive income strategy, but there is something POWERFUL in getting started.  In seeing results.

In the next couple weeks, I’ll share with you *the* website where I was offered 3 out of 4 freelancing positions I applied for in less than two weeks.  It came as a total surprise to me, and I actually had to turn one down.  This is a good spot to be in!

Stay tuned!!

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1 kristina December 14, 2011 at 8:38 am

Hey Amy, your article really hits the spot. I agree with you that the best way to make an additional income is through online freelancing. You may not have much at first but it may be enough to pay the least bill on the credit card. Furthermore, I may add that every generation has a way to earn income. Several hundred years ago agriculture was the “in” thing. Next, we have the industrial revolution. Now, it is through online transactions. I’ll stay tuned!

2 Amy December 14, 2011 at 9:00 am

Hi Kristina,

Thanks so much for your comment! Great point about the opportunities over the years (with agriculture and industry). I have to say online would be my top pick! Cozy house, mug of coffee and a laptop–yes, please!

Thanks again!


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